If you have little to no experience installing car alarms, DO NOT try to install a security or remote start system without first reading my install guide

The Most Detailed Instructions For Installing Your Car Alarm Or Remote Starter

Did You Know?

If you were to take your car to be fitted at a local shop installation prices normally start at around $250

If you searched online, you will never find all the information you need to complete the install from start to finish

  • Car Alarm & Security
  • Remote Starter Systems
  • Keyless Entry
How To Install A Car Alarm, Remote Start, Keyless Entry System

Getting started With The Installation; There Are Many Issues To Overcome

Highlight Wires Needed

I’ll show you how to find the right wires and how to read diagrams

You need a wiring schematic on your specific vehicle. You need to know where to find a reliable source, and how to read this information. These diagrams can be very confusing, and are overloaded with unnecessary information. You need to know what your looking for and why. Without the proper knowledge, you are putting yourself and your vehicle at risk. My guide will walk you step by step on how to find, read, and accurately test wires. I will walk you from A to Z through the installation process.

You can do it if someone told you how, right?

How can I help? Hi! I'm Greg With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, and having fitted remote start and security systems in practically every make and model of car produced, I am an expert in the field. After years of learning skills from some “top 12″ installers, I’ve gone on to personally teach hundreds of mechanics how systems should be installed, and I’ve even written how to guides to show them step by step what needs to be done. What we do is not rocket science – with the correct tools and following the instructions, anyone can do it. That’s why, for the first time ever, I have now decided to release my guides to the public. Written in an easy to follow, sequential A-Z format, anyone with basic DIY skills can follow my guide directly, and can now avoid the risks associated with leaving your car unprotected. You don’t need to spend a small fortune getting protection systems fitted by people you don’t know or trust. With only a few of the most basic tools – tools available in all hardware shops around the country – you can do it yourself.

The Incredibly Detailed Step-By-Step Installation Guide

My guide contains everything you need to know about all of the following:

  • Before You Begin
    • Gathering necessary tools
    • Where to purchase the necessary supplies
    • How to use a digital multimeter
  • Getting started
    • Sources and how to find wiring sheets
    • How to read wiring sheets. What are you looking for?
    • How to accurately test specific wires
  • Preparing the unit for installation
    • How to prepare for a clean, easy to manage installation
  • The installation
    • Mounting the brain
    • Routing wires and making connections
    • How to properly connect wiring in your vehicle
    • Additional connections
  • Testing and programming
  • Additional Resources
    • Understanding relays
    • Bypass kit connections

Yes, It Will Work With All Alarm Brands and All Vehicle Types

Regardless of the make or model of your car, whether it’s an expensive sports car, a Toyota, Honda, or Ford, my guide will lead you through the entire process. I will reveal everything you need to know from the colors, the location, and the function of wires, all the way through to how to mount the installation and test it is working correctly. No stone is left unturned. Whether you have a Viper, Audiovox, Autopage, or some alarm you bought off eBay, the installation process is all the same. Some units come with extra add-ons, and the included instructions are often impossible to read. My guide will make you look like an experienced installer.
The guide is very very resourceful. Thank you for putting this together. With your links I’m confident to move forward. I have all the tools & several Fluke meters. I’m installing a universal keyless entry in my 86 Pontiac Parisienne.It has a pop-trunk. The instructions were very, very concise. Now I know exactly what wires I need. Wow the guide filled in all the gaps. Thanks again.
I had recently got a remote starter car alarm as a gift. Ive done basic installs to my mustang myself, but this was the first time attempting something as difficult as this. I opened the box and there were so many wires! The instructions that came with the system only made me more confused. I certainly did not want to take my baby to a shop ( I love working on my car and am the only one who has ever added electronics to it! ). After searching online, and getting very frustrated that I could not find easy to understand instructions, I came across this guide that “guaranteed” to teach me what I needed to know. I was skeptical, but now a day later the installation is complete..and I DID IT! The best part is that now I understand how the system works, and can made adjustments and add ons myself! Thanks!

You Can Do It Yourself – I Guarantee It!

  • Car Alarm & Security
  • Remote Starter Systems
  • Keyless Entry
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If you follow the step-by-step instructions detailed in my “How to Install a car alarm, remote start, and keyless entry system” guide, and you’re not convinced it will help you, I want you to let me know and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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  • How to read this information to help you breeze through the install
  • What wires you need and what wires you do not need
  • I will explain, how to perform a basic install from beginning to end.
  • Tips on what to do or not do. Learn from my experience and mentors.
  • A checklist to follow through the installation. You will perform a clean, functional install.
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